Our second week exploring Greece with Joni, Morgan and Clayton


We boarded a ferry in Athens to take us on a 4 hour trip to Paros. It’s a bit confusing, because in our first week we visited POROS which is in the Saranac Islands. PAROS is in the Cyclade Islands.
This ferry was massive! they had everything from mopeds and motorcycles to cars to large trucks and construction equipment board!
The lounge area was very plush; much like a cruise liner!
I snapped this picture because they misspelled ANEKA(our granddaughter’s name)!
The host from the VRBO that Jan booked for us picked us up at the ferry landing that night at about 10:00PM! What service! This was where we stayed for our week in Paros. A very nice home overlooking the town and water.

Each of the 3 bedrooms had an adjoining patio area as well as this one off the front of the house.

Nicely appointed kitchen.

Living room.
Two very nice bathrooms.

Our bedroom was spacious!
While we were lounging at the house one day these people were having a bit of a problem. It looked like the guy driving the lead ATV took the corner a bit fast and hit the stone wall. No doubt who won that battle!
The next morning, Sunday, after our arrival, our host took us into town to do grocery shopping. Again, what service. Monday morning he again took us into town to get our rental car for the week. This beach picture was taken after we began exploring the town.

In our exploring we found this lovely little upstairs restaurant to have lunch. Those are grapevines in the rafters.

While exploring the area we noticed this guy delivering potatoes to the restaurant we just ate at.
ALL of these were delivered; they go through a LOT of potatoes apparently!
Some views from the park across the street from that restaurant.

We loved the traditional whitewash and blue with all the beautiful flowers!

As we explored the island we found this Butterfly Valley. Very interesting!
The butterflies looked more like pretty moths in their shape. It was difficult to capture on camera, but in flight the underside of their wings were bright orange.
This isn’t butterflies, but I liked the interesting stone patterns!

In our travels we came across this interesting use for an old VW convertible!
Back in town we did some walking, exploring the streets of Paros. A beautiful town!

And of course Morgan and Clayton found another “friend”!

While exploring we found the Frankish Castle. They’ve built the structures on top of its ruins, leaving much of it intact! Pretty cool!

Notice the pigeon deterents?
One of the many small shrines we came across in Greece.
And one of the many old churches. All very interesting!

Nice old Harley!
One of the high speed ferry boats!
On one of our last days there we visited this beach which was a short walk down the hill from our house.

Lunch and a cold beer on the beach; Life is Good!

day trip by boat to delos and mykonos

We went down to the harbor and took a boat for a day tour of Delos and Mykonos.
the island of Delos, in the center of the Cyclades, is one of the most important islands in Greek mythology according to what I’ve read. Very interesting to see in person for sure!
And, of course, more cats!

And lizards!
These drawings and explanations help decipher exactly what you’re looking at.

This was a very hot, dry area; it’s amazing the plants can grow right out of the rubble and rock!
This guy could care less, he has his shady spot!
Some more pieces waiting until they figure out where they fit.
This is part of the extensive underground viaduct network.

This green area was a lake that supplied their fresh water.

Some more of the viaduct network.
One of the many wells.
This loan sea shell was just sitting on one of the walls!

One of the tile murals, still partially intact!

Inside the adjacent museum they had the more delicate pieces they wanted preserved.
This is an overview map of the area.

This was “interesting”!
Back outside, this place seemed to go on forever; it was huge!

This entry stone was well worn after thousands of years of footsteps on it!

Some of the carvings were amazingly still pretty much intact!

Yet another cat of Greece!
Our grandson Reeve, who is a whiz at Legos, could help them put this area back together in no time!

Cleopatra even had a place here!

I really was intrigued with these plants! They’re kind of a thistle I think.

Well, back to the boat and on to Mykonos.


We could see right away this was a pretty ritzy place! I wonder if “this is ┬áMine” belongs to the ex husband or ex wife?

The town was beautiful in the Greek traditional theme.

Mega-Yacht row!

I think that Shark is Jimmy’s cousin!
Gelato Joni!
One more traditional blue door!
Well, back to Paros and home soon!


Jan, Joni and I decided to make one last side trip on the way to the airport to Antiparos. It was a short 15 minute ferry ride. Most of that time was the ferry turning around to dock! Antiparos was gorgeous and not crowded at all!

On a suggestion from a local we went to this seafood restaurant on the other side of the island; about a 10-15 minute drive. So glad we did!

The view was wonderful and so was the food!

drying fish and octopus. YUM!
The water here is so amazingly clear!

One last water view. Goodby Greece, we love you!