Part 3 of our week aboard the Anna II

aegina and moni island

Arriving at Aegina.

Our carriage awaits! (Not really, I just got the photo)

Toys, toys, toys!

A floating produce stand!

While we were there, Jan, Joni, Teresa and I decided to take this boat trip over to Moni Island. It sounded like an interesting trip!

While we did that, Clayton and Morgan chose to try an ATV tour of the area. Clayton, where are we going again?
Joni’s coming prepared for the beach!
Here’s the luxurious pier at Moni Island!
The beach view from our shaded chairs; beautiful water!
Joni enjoying the refreshing water!

Jan even convinced me that water in the 70’s was warm enough!

The most unique thing about this island is the free roaming and very friendly reindeer ( the sign said wild goats called Kri kri, but all we saw were these reindeer!) and peacocks!

I took a short hike to the other side of the island to see what was there.
From up there you could get a good overall view of this beautiful cove and the beach.
Others were watching too!
This view is looking towards the other side of the island; apparently where all the mega-yachts hang out!

This one had its own floating pier to relax on!

In contrast to all the beauty was this abandoned structure up there. Apparently used for clandestine night partying!

I liked the contrast in this photo of the dilapidated structure with the multi-million dollar yacht in the background!
Back in Aegina for our last evening together. What a fabulous week!

After a fun day of exploring Moni Island and the others doing their exploring it was time for our last evening dinner together. Jorge and Kathy knew the perfect place!

Time for dinner and we’re all starving!
The place Jorge and Kathy took us did NOT disappoint! So much scrumptious food!