Our Summer in Colorado

I know we’ve been offline for awhile, but we are now getting back on the road! We are heading east for the New England Sates. Here are the highlights of our 2 1/2 months we spent in Colorado last summer

While staying in Denver, we got to take Reeve to one of his favorite places; The Denver Aquarium!
Reeve was excited to see all the beautiful displays
He really got “into” this one!
Captain Nemo Reeve!
Reeve’s favorite part of the aquarium visit, the ice cream Sunday of course!
We also had a day at the Bow Mar beach where Reeve and his cousin Autumn had a great time with us and Nana and Papa! (Laura’s parents)
Stand up paddle boarding with Papa.
Papa and Reeve returning from their cruise across the lake.
Reeve especially enjoyed the slide into the lake!
Reeve and Autumn played in the sand too of course!
We went to the downtown fountains by the train station for ice cream and cooling off in the fountains. It was a hot summer.
While we were staying in Golden, Reeve and family came out for some river tubing. Reeve just couldn’t get enough of it! They must have made the trip 20 times!
Bryce and Laura’s neighborhood holds a Fourth of July parade every year. The kids love it!
One of the big events was of course Reeve’s 5th Birthday!
Cake and Ice cream are always a hit with Reeve and Autumn !
One happy Birthday boy!
Autumn and Reeve having fun with the giant bubbles!
Reeve’s birthday was a big event; two different parties! One at their house and a second one at our campground in Golden, which Barb, Zach and Holland were able to attend. Here’s Reeve and Barb coloring with the new colored markers she got him.
This was our present to Reeve; a truck and fifth wheel RV Lego set! Just like the Red Hulk!
Reeve wasted no time in getting the kit assembled!
Laura and Reeve, the Red Hulk and the completed Lego set!
Zach, Barbara, Holland , Bryce, Laura and me. We were so glad that Holland was able to come out for this momentous occasion!
We also spent time in Colorado Springs to visit with Rich, Aneka and Kristin’s family. We attended some of Aneka’s training sessions and two big events; the El Paso County Fair and the Colorado State Fair. Here Aneka was practicing here sliding stops.
Now THAT’s a stop! YIKES!
Aneka practicing her steer roping under the watchful eye of her trainer Autumn.
After all that training, it was on to the County Fair. Here she’s riding Chex Please in one of her events.
Doing some jumps with Chex Please in her English event.
This was one of Aneka’s favorite events, cow cutting!
Another of her favorite events, barrel racing, with her horse Dolly! She loves going fast!
A little love for Dolly!
Horsemanship is a family event; here’s Aneka and Chex Please talking with her Grandma Laurie while waiting their turns to compete.
Aneka and Chex Please during the Showmanship event.
In between horse events we got to see Aneka in action playing volleyball.
Aneka poised waiting for that slam dunk!
While down in the Springs we attended another momentous occasion; Aneka’s 13th Birthday party at Hell Scream. Her step-dad Vince owns Hell Scream, which is an event center and Escape Room year round.
We stayed at the Pueblo State Park, while we attended the Colorado State Fair. This was the view from our campsite. It was only five minutes away from all the action.
Aneka and Dolly during one of her events.
Cow cutting.
Aneka and Chex Please resting between events. Chex Please trying to give her a little kiss!.
Apparently you’re not allowed to invite your horse to lunch here!
Aneka and Chex Please during their Showmanship event.
Aneka with Dolly
Whoa there!
Ranch horse competition.
English competition with Chex Please.
A little mother/daughter time between events!
Resting up between competitions!
This picture should be a commercial for Coke!
All the spoils from 4 days of hard work and competition! Congratulations Aneka, Dolly and Chex Please!
Aneka’s top prize for her efforts; this beautiful buckle for State Champion for her age group!
Aneka was the Champion, but she couldn’t have done it without her crew; Mom, Kristin and Grandma, Laurie!
Bryce, Laura and Reeve came down to see Aneka’s events at the State fair. Reeve of course had to see and experience the fair!
He loved these huge floating balls!
and of course the Merry go Round!
While in Colorado we also got to visit with other friends. Here, Mary, Pat, Jim, Debbie and Jerry came to our campsite at the Air Force Academy for lunch.
We had dinner at Daphne’s house with Mary. The three of them met when they were 11! Forever friends.
And we met Daphne’s new puppy Mia.