Our Week Aboard the Anna II, Part One

athens to korfus

After enjoying the sights in and around Athens for 3 days  it was time to board the beautiful Anna II for our week roaming the Saronic Islands of Greece with our Captain Jorge and his first mate, Kathy. First stop was Korfus.
Jorge getting ready to head out.
Once out of the port, our first day of sailing (by motor, no wind) began.
It was a bit cooler and cloudy than we expected, but fun to be out on the water anyway! Jorge of course was flying his Uruguay flag!

One of the fast ferries passing by; pretty impressive speed for such a large ferry!
One of the hundreds of small islands in the area
After a short sail, about 3-4 hours, we arrived at our first port called Korfus.

As we got closer we could see our destination, Papa Georges. A cool little restaurant run by a friend of Jorge and Kathy’s, Papa George!
Papa George (the gentleman on the right with his arms crossed, who is 88 years old) and his crew directed us into our spot right in front of his establishment.
Once docked and set for the night, we took a walk to explore this quaint little Greek village.

And of course there were cats! Not really sure what was going on here, perhaps he fell asleep while performing?

Some beautiful ironwork.

Not all the boats were exactly seaworthy, but still a good photo opportunity!

Some children playing in the water throwing pebbles.
Another not-so-seaworthy boat!
Heading to the local market for supplies.
This guy put his own walkway in the water to his mooring spot!

After a nice stay in Korfus and exploring, the next morning  we were off to our next port. Kathy and Clayton pulling up the anchor; it’s a group effort (my job is documentation!)

korfus to epidavros

Buds for life!

This appeared to be some sort of fish or shellfish farm as we entered our next port. Notice the small camper?
Arriving at our next port, Epidavros.

There’s a campground! We should’ve brought ours!

Another beautiful quaint little Greek village!

Teresa and Joni casting our mooring lines.
Lines tied up, anchor set, in for the evening!

Oh look Joni, Gellato! Right on the way to the market!
Christina’s Cafe, one of our favorite restaurants of the trip!

We had dinner and the next day’s breakfast here, nice little restaurant with tables on the pier.
With Juniper bushes in front too.

And of course; more cats and kittens!
Picturesque scene!
And the local market.
Beautiful flowers everywhere in Greece!

And more cats! Mama and her kittens.
This little fella was particularly cute!
We’re waiting for the bus to take us up to visit a nearby ruins of Epidavros.

the ruins of epidavros

The theater was the main part of this ruins. astonishingly well preserved for being thousands of years old!

Amazing fine details!
This guide was demonstrating to his class the acoustics of the theater by clapping their hands and listening to the reverberations it caused; very interesting!

These were part of the underground sewer system for rain runoff.
As you can see it appears only the front row of seats had backs, the rest were just bleacher-like. I’m assuming the front row was for royalty.

Some of us went all the way to the top. I saw no need since I had my new 18-300 zoom lens!

And of course, the always present Greek cats!

The accompanying museum was also very interesting.

I was fascinated by all the lion heads they used.

Seen here is a restored piece; the white marble is the restored part.

stay tuned for part two of our week aboard the anna ii with captain jorge and first mate kathy………