The Ruins of Delphi

While we were in Athens and had a free day until we boarded the sailboat, we decided to take an excursion up into the mountains outside of Athens to a ruins called Delphi. We had a limo take us ; it was a beautiful 3 hour drive through the mountains. Here we have arrived and the driver is giving us tips as to what to expect.
As you can see from this overall map it’s quite a large complex. All very interesting and amazing to see! On the left of this map is the entrance and the museum and on the right up the mountain is the extensive ruins as they would have looked back then.
It was amazing to me that a lot of these ruins are still intact after thousands of years!

Morgan and Clayton managed to find friends along the way!
Some beautiful and interesting flowers and plants growing here as well.

Rock of the Sibyl, now covered almost completely by lush vines!

This is a replica of the Serpent Column. Notice in the background is the base to the original. It was moved from this Temple of Apollo to the Hippodrome in Constantinople, Istanbul, Turkey.

We were amazed at how they could cut such perfect shapes int stone so many thousands of years ago!

And of course what ruins would be complete without an amphitheater!

They had, like most of these ancient ruins, evidence of an elaborate aqueduct system for managing water!

Much of the intricate telework of this building was miraculously still in good condition.

Quite the view from on top of this area!

On our way back down to the entrance and the museum we encountered a few local residents!

The museum held some of the more delicate and interesting relics; kept indoors to preserve them better.

This display showed what was left of this statue, with the drawing behind it to give you a feel of how it looked. Very interesting exhibit!

Some of the artifacts were more “interesting” than others!