Part 2 of our week aboard the Anna II

epidavros- bus trip to Nafplio and the fortress of palamidi

We took bus from Epidavros up to a mountain town called Nafplio to see the town and the Fortress of Palamidi.
This fortress was quite amazing, very well preserved. It was built by the Venitians around 1686.
This little guy is still building!

One of the many gun ports looking down on the city and bay below.
This energetic fellow road his bike up to the fortress, then proceeded to run all of the many stairs there!
They obviously had no OSHA restrictions for stair or landing railings! This string should do the job though!

There’s the Energizer Bunny again!

At the top of the fortress looking out to the bay

A tall ship in the bay.
There was also this small fortress down in the bay.

Joni enjoying the sights.
Views of the city below past the massive handrail on the edge of this area!

back on the anna ii and on to poros

We’re underway again, on to see Poros.

Time for a nap Clayton?

Our first view of Poros.
There were several homes and other interesting things to see on our way into port.

This small island home was on our way into port, pretty cool!

Docked and ready to explore!
But first, supplies!
This fountain mermaid was right behind us where we were docked.

Kathy and Jorge’s favorite bakery was right close too! YUM!!

We took a short walk to dinner along this beautiful bay.

And of course we saw some spectacular sunset views on our way back!

next stop, ermioni

Arriving in Ermioni, a short trip from Poros.
It of course has the typical cute blue and white buildings!

It looks like someone is going to have fun!

There’s Jan’s purple house!
I saw this little fella while we were docking at the the pier!
Bougainvilla everywhere, and in so many different colors!

We took a walk along the water to find somewhere for lunch. Such a beautiful place!
We found lunch! We didn’t eat here, but it sure looked yummy!

Stairs to the water.
Teresa couldn’t resist them!

And of course, blue doors!
Check out the Hibiscus; they are climbing these two trees, all the flowering plants like this climate!!

For a change, some orange doors!
I guess in Greece they drive their mopeds until the wheels fall off!


The next morning we were off again, back to Poros. The boat was having a problem with the anchor so we needed to go back there for the repairs.
It was a windy day finally and we were going to get to actually sail; Jorge is studying hard!
We’re on our way!
Up go the sails!

Morgan at the helm!

She leans a bit more under sail!
Joni observing.
Here’s my one artsy/engineer picture!
Joni manning (womaning?) the lines.
Jorge is playing solitaire I think!
Joni taking her turn at the helm.
Clayton’s turn at the helm.
Back to Poros!

stay tuned for our time aboard the anna ii, part 3………