Tulsa, Oklahoma

While staying in Tulsa we did a little sightseeing. We visited the Phillips Petroleum Company Museum in Tulsa, what a fascinating place!
This truck was produced by the Tulsa Automobile Company, a 1918 Tulsa Four Runabout, specially built for the oilfields; I never knew the company even existed!

Notice the custom racks in the bed for drill bits.
Some displays brought back memories of my youth; I guess this means I’m kind of OLD!

Some beautiful and interesting artwork and old photos as well.
This huge vault contained the thousands of Phillips Petroleum patents!
One of their patented products was Marlex Plastic, which was most famously used for production of the Hula Hoop!
They even had a Hula Hoop there you could “take for a spin”! We didn’t try it!
Here are some of their many products over the years.

Here’s a photo of one of their service stations. I remember when they really were service stations; they pumped your gas, check your oil and battery and washed your windows!
Some of their early delivery vehicles used in their business.

Frank Phillips was very particular when it came to the company image!
This is one of their service stations that is on display at the Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve.

They had a replica of the living quarters for the oilfield workers; pretty sparse!

woolaroc museum and wildlife preserve

Here’s a couple of Longhorn steers having a little sparring match.
And Ostriches!
Zebras!?! In Oklahoma?
A couple of Water Buffalo cooling off!
They even have a small herd of Bison too.
In front of the museum are several interesting bronze sculptures.
An indian speer fishing.

The front entrance to the museum had these beautiful mosaic tile pictures.

In the main entrance lobby is a grand statue of “Uncle Frank” as he was called by all who knew him. Frank Phillips, founder of the Phillips Petroleum Company and also a great humanitarian to all.
Frank Phillips had a great love and respect for the Native Americans, so there is quite a lot of memorabilia, artwork and photos of them in his extensive collection here.

We particularly liked this painting, it looks almost 3D in person!

There were also many beautiful birds and animals to admire.

This was one HUGE snake!
There were some displays of how it was in the old west of the time, including this beautiful saddle.
There many different variations of spurs too!

A caricature of Uncle Frank; he wasn’t afraid of being poked fun at! He loved the Old West!

Here’s a painting from a photo of Uncle Frank attending the 1930 Cow Thieves and Outlaw Reunion, holding the Chief’s grandson!

A re-creation of Frank’s office.
There is also a very extensive collection of various firearms, quite impressive!

There is als

And of course, vehicles and an airplane!

Beautiful chair, but it doesn’t look too comfy!

Frank and his wife’s living quarters of the day.

On our way out of the parking lot at Woolaroc we noticed these whimsical bird houses lining the back of the lot!

tulsa botanical gardens

The Tulsa Botanical Gardens had some spectacular flowers; we were amazed!

We’ve seen these before, but these were huge! about the size of a dinner plate!

Water lilies