Amarillo, Texas

During our short stay in Amarillo we stayed at this nice park. Very clean, well kept and lots of room between sites!
Their tribute to Cadillac Ranch I guess! I would have included a picture of the real Cadillac ranch but there were people swarming all around it and it is now completely covered in spray painted graffiti, such a shame!
While there we also added Oklahoma to our map; only 16 states left!
There were 8 Grand Design rigs during our stay; we were well represented!

The view from our rear window, another two Solitudes!
The whole purpose for the visit was to spend time with Bryces sister, Holland!

We did a day trip with Holland to the Palo Duro Canyon Texas State Park. These Longhorn Steers were penned at the entrance to the park. They really weren’t interested in us, more into their dinner!

The canyon; not as impressive as others we’ve seen but still beautiful! Kind of like a small Grand Canyon.

The three Muskateers!