Our Time in Virginia

We stayed at this FamCamp, Kings Creek RV Campground, while visiting Williamsburg and the surrounding area. It’s on the Yorktown Annex/Naval Weapons Station so obviously I no pictures other than this! A nice campground with lots of space.
We visited the Mariners Museum in Newport News, not far from our campground.
A beautiful carved Eagle figurehead.

Another Figurehead carving.
The Freshnell lens from the Cape Charles lighthouse.
They had this cool play area for the kids that was shaped as a pirate chip.

Some parts of the Monitor, a Civil War submarine, are being painstakingly cleaned and restored as much as possible for future display in the museum. As you might recall from school, it was sunk in the James River by the Merrimack.
Some large parts recovered from the wreckage in a bath to dissolve slowly the ravages of their time under water.
They even recovered the huge main turret!

yorktown revolutionary battlefield

We visited the Yorktown Battlefield area where the revolutionarys battled the British

I noticed the groove where the cannon would fire and wondered if it was cut that way or they just let the shots carve their own path!
Amazing that they have saved these bunkers just as they were during the conflict!

This is the Moore House where Washington and Cornwall signed the papers ending the Revolutionary war and giving the United States it’s freedom from British rule.

jamestown settlement

I never realized until this visit that Jamestown is on an island!

The foundation still exists for the original Jamestown Statehouse.
They built the Visitors Center over some of the original foundations to protect and display them via some see through floors, pretty cool!

They had a tribe member who is  a descendant of the Paspahegh Indian tribe who lived there when the settlers landed to give us insight into how they lived before and after the settlers came; very interesting.
After our visit to Jamestown we went to nearby Riverwalk to have lunch by the river.

After lunch we decided to take the ferry over to Surry.

Looks a little off course to me!

Being greeted by some locals!

taking the 17 mile chesapeake bay bridge-tunnel

On another day we decided to take the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. It’s 17 miles long with two 1 mile long tunnels under the bay; quite the engineering marvel!

After crossing we found a little seafood restaurant on the bay, beautiful, and we were practically the only ones there!
You can barely see the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel on the horizon in this shot.