Our visit with our niece, Dr. Logan Clark, while in Washington DC

Our niece, Dr. Logan Clark, earned her Doctorate degree from UCLA in Ethnomusicology this summer. She got a job at the Smithsonian Folkways here in Washington DC. Which is perfect for her.
We spent the weekend with her at her new apartment in downtown DC, a very cool place to live! She can walk everywhere, even to her work!
The view from her balcony.

One of the days we walked down to have lunch on the Potomac and saw Washington Nationals stadium along the way.
The waterfront is nice. Fountains that the people are allowed to play in even! (Too cold that day though!)
Okay, one brave (crazy) soul!
A very cool foot bridge!

Cool artistic bench, the leaves are changing!
We took the subway to get to downtown DC, very convenient and efficient!
Here comes our train1
This is the National Museum of African American History, the newest Smithsonian. Tickets (which are free but required) usually take months to get, but because Logan is a Smithsonian employee she was able to get us right in! As you can see I got this photo earlier while on our bus tour.
Unfortunately this is the only picture I took inside. They had a sign about no video or photography in one certain area and I read it as no photography in the entire museum except the lobby. Too bad, it was all very interesting!

The national cathedral

We went to see The National Cathedral with Logan. An interesting side note; Polly and Denny (her grandparents) were married there over 70 years ago! Unfortunately we weren’t able to see the inside because there was a mass in progress.
Notice the scaffoldings? They are doing retrofit restoration for earthquake reinforcements because they actually experienced one recently!

An explanation about the earthquake retrofits.

I noticed these interesting carvings at the top of some of the columns; each one is different!

The Bishops Garden adjacent to the Cathedral.
Apparently the Bishop enjoys a rousing game of corn hole occasionally!

the anacostia smithsonian

Logan wanted to go to this to enjoy the music and sights of this community event at the Anacostia Smithsonian across the Potomac from Washington DC.
There was dancing.

….and music

Even Face painting for the kids; a fun event!