Zion National Park



The view out our back window to our “back yard” for the week here at Zion West RV Park just outside of Zion! I even got a shady spot to park Big Blue! When we arrived this Alfalfa field was not cut yet. He did it t late that afternoon and into the evening, finishing by headlights well after dark.
We watched a couple days later as they bailed the entire field of Alfalfa.
He’s about to pick up the last bail just before sunset. Hey, free entertainment watching other people work hard!
Our first day out we visited Kolob Canyons at the north entrance of Zion; an area most people don’t visit according to the rangers.


While visiting our first spot here we saw this camper. It had German/European plates on it; looks like it would go just about  anywhere!

This “cracked egg” rock was right by the parking lot, pretty interesting! From what we read and heard freezing water causes this.
And, of course, more spring flowers!
And brand new leaves on the trees.
We did this short hike to an overlook.
The trail up
Interesting idea to allow water to drain without flooding the walkway!


At the top!
What can I say, I have a fascination with dead trees! Notice the snow capped mountain?

For the next 3 full days we visited Zion proper.
The Towers of the Virgin.
The Court of the Patriarchs.


The Virgin River was flowing very fast & full; so much so that The Narrows (pictures later in the post) were closed beyond the paved walkway.
We took the tram to the third stop in and walked the paved trail back to the Visitor’s center along the river.
The views along the way were incredible at times!
Among all the lush greenery were blooming Cacti!

We also did the river walk to The Narrows; which, I mentioned before, were closed beyond the paved walkway. Still a beautiful walk; 2 miles round trip.
Interesting ecosystem; there were even these swamps along the way!
Looking down towards the narrows.
Weeping walls!
Flowering plants growing out of the cracks in the rocks.

This little guy was very vocal; wanted us to feed him or go away I guess!
Rich should remember this picture ; his mom and I took the same one years ago!

Time to turn around!
One of the big draws for thrill seekers (NOT us!) was Angels Landing. It’s a 5 1/2 mile round trip “hike”up 21 switchbacks followed by walking a narrow ridge (with a chain to hold on sometimes!) with huge drop-offs on both sides to reach the top. The name comes from the belief that only angels (and idiots?) could land there!
“The idiots  I mean hikers”

One of our 3 days in Zion, instead of taking the shuttle through the park we took the truck and drove Utah State Route 9 through the Zion-Mount Carmel tunnel. Since there are size restrictions we needed to buy a special pass to take Big Blue through (any vehicle 7’10” wide or 11′ tall ). They stop oncoming traffic so you can go down the middle of the tunnel (for a fee of course)! Remember it was built before large vehicles and motor homes existed!
Here we go through! The tunnel is 1.1 miles long.
Beautiful scenery all along this road!

Don’t get a flat or break down here!
This mountain is called Checkerboard Mesa for obvious reasons.
Amazing; and all done by nature!

Coming back you can see one of the three windows cut into the tunnel wall.
The view from inside the tunnel through that window.
These flowers just growing out of cracks in the rock amazed us!