Final Post from Pahrump and surrounding area

red rock canyon national conservation area near las vegas

It’s pretty obvious why the name Red Rock Canyon!


Some of the spring flowers near the picnic area we were using

One of Jan’s favorite pictures; mine too!

china ranch date farm- another day trip from pahrump

There was this dirt(gravel) road for about 5-10 miles to get here

Nice cactus garden next to the main building that housed the equipment to process the dates.
Their original delivery truck.
We saw this on the way down to the creek; I think it’s either a little humor for the tourists or a play store that was for the kids. Just part of the charm!
It doesn’t look it, but this was actually kind of comfortable!
Blooming Ocotilla!

They even had a palapa where we sat while enjoying their delicious date shakes! We also took home some date bread, yum!!
Jan saw this rock formation on the way out and wanted me to take a picture for some reason. Hmmmm?!?

rhyolite ghost town

One of the buildings left of this old ¬†gold mining community from the early 1900’s; if you Google it it’s a pretty interesting story!

This metal art depicts a miner; I’m not really sure how the Penguin fits in?!?
Another interesting building was this bottle house. Its built using hundreds of bottles. Since it was a mining town I’m sure there was no shortage of empty booze/beer bottles!

But the strangest thing was this still operating “Art” Museum; see for yourself!
This of course, was called “Ghost Rider”!
Ghost Painter?!?
And of course the Holy Ghost at the Last Supper!
Why not? A mosaic tiled cement couch!

the amargosa opera house and hotel

It almost looks abandoned from the outside but is an operating Hotel and Opera House used for artist to perform; not so much opera now. The woman who bought it in 1967 and started the Opera House/Hotel business, Marta Becket, just died this year at the age of 92. She performed there up until she was 87!
The hotel rooms; still operating, more like a 50’s motel I’d say!


A tribute to Marta

When audiences were sparse (which I’m sure was often out in the middle of nowhere!) Marta missed having an audience so she started painting these murals. That’s the king and queen of Spain of the time in this one!
Maybe too much time in the desert?!?

Their “Yard Art”!

we also did do a “tour” of the chicken ranch, but nothing photo worthy! i did buy a tshirt for my good friend tom though!

Goodbye to Pahrump, next stop Zion National Park.