Maine, Part II

maine harbor tour aboard the islander

This tour took us along some beautiful rocky Maine coastline.
Along our tour this seagull followed us for quite awhile.
Seagulls resting on the rocky shoreline.
If you look closely at this shot, you can see a pair of Eagles soaring above the trees.
Luckily, they landed in one of the treetops long enough for me to get a closer shot!
Along the way we also had some friendly visitors looking back at us.
Sunning themselves on the rocky outcroppings!
And of course all along the shoreline many gorgeous estates.
Here we see some crazy folks taking advantage of the sheer cliffs to do some rock climbing. Don’t fall, that water is extremely frigid!
Our captain took us by this beautiful waterfall. Not much water but pretty.
The rocky coastline is beautiful with all the different colors of granite !
One last wildlife shot!

sailing on the Bagheera

One of the highlights of our time in Maine was our day tour on the Bagheera, a beautiful 1924 Alden Schooner that Jan was able to locate. It was in San Diego back in the 1980’s-90’s, where she took many clients and friends on for trips while she was working in title. She was able to track it from San Diego to Dana Point and then to Portland, Maine!
We were joined by our niece Logan, her parents Lane and Ron, Ron’s sister Carrie and Joni and her friends Dawn and Diane. It was a cold, but beautiful day of sailing!
That’s the famous Portland Head Lighthouse in the background.
There were a few others on board as well, but plenty of deck space for all.
The crew and a passenger helper tending the sails.
I love this crew; very meticulous with their lines!
As I said earlier, it was a bit brisk!
There were some beautiful estates along the shoreline.
A couple of lobster fishermen tending their traps.
Another shot of the Portland Head lighthouse.
Here’s a shot of the galley. It brought back good memories for Jan of Bryce entertaining her clients and friends in there with his magic; although she was disappointed that they had painted the beautiful woodwork white.
We moved to Wells. Lane and Ron took us to one of their favorite restaurants in Ogunquit for, you guessed it, lobster!
And of course something to wash it down!
Jan and Lane enjoying the beautiful day!
A beautiful wide sandy beach with hardly another person around! End of the season I guess.
We weren’t completely alone though!

kennebunk with joni & friends

Left to right; Dawn, Joni, Diane, Jan and Carrie.
On another day we stopped by a seafood market to pick up more lobster for a dinner with Joni and her friends Dawn and Diane. I think this might be a distant relative of our Jimmy!
Ah, more lobster! Can never get enough! Thanks to Dawn and Diane for hosting us at their beautiful home!