New York, Part III- The Eisenhower St. Lawrence Seaway Locks

While in the area we decided to check out these locks. They don’t really have a tour but we lucked out and got there just as their only ship for the day was coming through!
These locks are much bigger than the Soo Locks in Michigan. Those locks only change 21′ in elevation; these change 42′!
Also, at these locks instead of using lines to keep the ships centered they have these pads that hold it in place as the water level changes.
Quite the parking job! There’s just a foot or two on both sides as they enter!
Once in and gates closed it only took about 10-15 minutes to raise the water level (and the ship) 42′! Amazing to watch!
A unique view under the chainlink fence!
She’s on her way up to the upper Great Lakes!
This is a spare Culvert Valves they keep on hand just in case (or maybe just for display for the visitors). It’s easy to see how they can move so much water in such a short time!
A unique perspective of the seal on the culvert valve! By the weathering on the seal I’d say this was an old valve they replaced and then painted top this for show!