tilleda falls campground

Jan found this nice small family run campground. We were set up right on the pond with a great view and a waterfall for the week!
This was our site. Very green with a small sand beach right behind us!
A fabulous view from our dining area window.
A view looking back across the pond toward our site and the beach. On the left you can see the top of the dam and waterfall; it’s kind of a zero edge pond!
A view from below the falls. That’s our rig in the background.
Beautiful little creek don’t you think?
Downstream past the rapids, very tranquil!
We arrived just before the 4th of July weekend. The park was packed with campers; here’s our row on Sunday afternoon, EMPTY!! We had the place to ourselves the rest of the week.

oshkosh, wisconsin eaa aviation museum

For my birthday we went to see the EAA Aviation Museum. Jan arranged for Melissa and Jeff Drescher (friends we worked with at Santee Lakes) to meet us at a restaurant for lunch. It totally surprised me! They live in Milwaukee now, but I wasn’t expecting to see them! Had a great time catching up.
As you can see from this shot, the museum is quite extensive.
This is a replica of the Wright Brothers historic plane.
This is a plane used by S.C. Johnson to travel the world looking for carnauba which he developed into wax, still used today! And this was in 1935!
This is a map of the route they traveled.
An array of the products he came up with using the wax.
Here is an example of the many “flying cars” developed over the years.
There was of course displays of Lindbergh’s historic flight.
There was a section dedicated to air racing and the stunt flyers.
There was even a display of Lego planes!
Throughout the museum they had original nose art from the war planes of WWII. Many were pretty interesting, some a bit risqué!
A bit risqué, but it was obviously on a twin engine war plane!
This “Fat Man”, the atomic bomb dropped in WWII (obviously not THE bomb but a replica!)
Here is an early example of a sea plane.
They also had experimental and research planes there.
Is that a famous War hero?!?
This was an interesting plane and project. They helped the whooping cranes in their migration using this ultralight in 2004!
The pilot wore the suit to diguise being a human and they used whooping crane puppets too!
One last risqué nose art!