Part 2 Grand Canyon plus Winslow & Sedona

A couple of pics from our day exploring Winslow. The iconic corner! You can see the reflection of the girl in the flatbed Ford!
Jan and me hanging on “The Corner”! As you can tell, it was a bit brisk!
Sedona was a beautiful place too. The red rocks and greenery were a stunning contrast!
If you looked closely there were other vibrant colors in the cactus flowers!

The Grand Canyon, Part 2

Further out on the eastern end of the south rim is Yaki Point. Do you notice the small flat rock on top of this large outcropping?
This is a closeup of that rock. Apparently put there as a memorial for someone. My guess is maybe they tried and failed to jump across to the outcropping?!? According to the dates they would have been 18!
My pictures wouldn’t be complete without at least one dead/dying tree!
The expansiveness of the Grand Canyon is just amazing!
And the Colorado River continues to etch its way through it!
This out cropping looks like it could topple off any day!
Our last stop was the Desert Watchtower.
The view from there was stunning as well!
While we were staying in Williams we visited our good friends Kevin and Wendy. They shared this picture of them at the Grand Canyon. They had gone while we were there!