toad suck FERRY DAMSITE park

Toad Suck Ferry Park is on the banks of the Arkansas River. It was part of the Army Corps of Engineers development of the bridge, dam and locks to regulate the river to prevent flooding. It’s a beautiful park!
There is a lock at the other side of the river to allow these river barges to get through.

Most of the week we had this end of the park pretty much to ourselves!
Our campsite was very nice, although quite a challenge to get into, especially since there was a torrential downpour just as we arrived.

toad suck daze

This is an annual event held here since 1982. It was originally held at Toad Suck Park but was moved in 1990 to Conway and has been held there every year since. It was just our luck it happened to be while we were there!
There were the usual state fair type food vendors, games and activities. This was for the kids; they gave them tools and let them take this SUV apart!
There was this booth that lets the kids build different piping configurations to carry water. Of course since it was hot many got wet!

This awesome truck was just a promo for an auto shop, but it is pretty cool!
The main event of course is the Toad races happening throughout the 3 day fair!
We were there for one of the races with the kids competing. Pretty entertaining to watch!
They line-up, trying to keep them contained until the start of the race.
And they’re off, now trying to keep them headed in the right direction. These are not professional toads, they were just sitting on the bank of the river minding their own business yesterday! They’ll be returned there after the races are through. They probably will never be the same after this brief spot of glory as a racer!

The trophies to be awarded. I’m pretty sure the toads don’t get one though!

Arkansas 7 scenic byway through the ozarks

This was a very beautiful drive through forests of green!

Many colorful flowers too.
Along the way we stopped at The Cliff House for lunch. A very picturesque location! They have an attached Inn to.
The view from their balcony was awesome too!

All along this route were spectacular views!
There was this observation tower, but I can see just fine standing on solid ground!