Buccaneer State Park- Waveland, Mississippi

On our way across the south we stayed at this really nice beach front state park in Mississippi.
Our camp spot was spacious and shaded.

There were beach front sites available for $15 more a night but we chose the more shaded and secluded spot.
It wasn’t open for the season yet, but this park even had a water park and two pools.

And being right on the water with an average elevation only a couple of feet above sea level, everything of importance such as electrical stuff was elevated!
This was the beach drive; miles of beach with nobody on them!

We stopped at this beach restaurant along the way; many to choose from!
The beach view from their rear deck. It’s quiet now but the Spring Break crowd was coming that weekend.
Another crazily named restaurant along this beach route.
Regardless of which restaurant, the food was great. Jan had this Seafood Étouffée in another place called Cuz’s.
To combat the relentless surf and storm damage, their houses are all built on elevated lots or platforms on stilts (or both!). I don’t know if you can see, but this guy had secondary precautions; a boat underneath!

Here’s nice fixer upper for sale; the possibilities are boundlesss!
This one is brick all the way to the ground, but the living area is still elevated. He was also on a hill, so probably 6 or 8 feet above sea level!
Another one under construction.