South Carolina & Georgia- On Our Way to Florida

In South Carolina we stopped for 3 nights at Santee Lakes Campground in Santee, SC! First because of the obvious connection to home and secondly it was our 21st Anniversary! This picture looks better than it was!
We were the elite of the campground we think; most of it looked like this. BUT, it was Santee Lakes, east coast!
Fall was upon them
They had this pier to enjoy the best part of their campground- the sunsets!
We took drinks out the evening of our anniversary to celebrate and saw some great sunset views!


While there we did do a hike in Santee State Park
We loved the Spanish moss on many of the trees; beautiful along with the fall colors!
And, since we’re getting farther south, the lawyer signs everywhere (don’t forget to read the FINE print)!
A beautiful fall day, around 73 degrees!
Some Tortugas and fall color reflections!

Interesting growth on this fallen tree
Cool rickety bridge! We traversed it twice and lived to tell about it!
Cool Geckos!

on to kings bay submarine base campground, georgia

Being a Naval base there are limited opportunities to take “legal” pictures; here’s one near the entrance.
This Submarine in the grass was kind of cool!

Our campsite was awesome; we’ll plan on returning here sometime.
Our view and Happy Hour spot for the 3 days.
And, of course, the obligatory lawyer signs!
An egret drying his wings.
Pretty fall color reflections on the water!

They even had this covered fishing pier for the campers enjoyment!

on to our winter home(for this year)-sunny florida