bedford and it’s covered bridges

Our first stop in Pennsylvania was in Bedford, mostly known for its many covered bridges. Our campground was nice with a stream running right behind our campsite.

This was like a scavenger hunt with a list of the many bridges and how to get to them.
These massive curved beams seemed to be a common construction method on these bridges.

Some were drivable and others, like this, were not.

This one needed a little TLC!

This one we did not attempt to drive over even though it was drivable. Notice the sign, 3 TON weight limit (our truck is just over 4 tons)!

york and day trips from there

We stayed in York for a few days at a pretty nice campground and did day trips to Gettysburg, Hershey and (of course) Intercourse!


While in York we saw ┬áthis bridge a few times while crossing the river for day trips and decided to get some photos of it from below; I’m glad we did, it was pretty cool!

We also came across this Caboose Motel! A collection of cabooses turned into motel rooms that was near Lancaster!

The restaurant was an old dining car completely restored to its former glory!
And look who we found dining there; two sets of Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus! They were in the area for a Santa Clause convention!
The resident rodent patrol.

There was a really cool model train set inside too!

And right next to them was a steam train you could ride

gettysburg national military park

Our first stop in Gettysburg was this information center and museum where we looked around and got tickets to take the bus tour of the battlefield.
The main thing we looked at here was this Diorama; a 360 degree painting done years ago and recently restored and installed here.

Jan took a pic of me visiting with Abe!

We were told this stamped lettering on the front of the cannon barrel signified it’s an authentic Civil War Cannon, not a replica. Part of it shows the weight of the cannon barrel; 816 lbs. in this case.

on a lighter note; hershey chocolate world!

Its kind of like Disneyland for chocolate lovers and kids!
We began the visit taking a bus tour of the city of Hershey.
The main plant where they produce their wonderfulness!
Some of the beautiful homes along the way.

Did you notice the Hershey Kisses street lights lining the streets?

This is on the floor in the main lobby of Hershey Chocolate World
They were commemorating Milton Hershey’s 160th birthday! He was born in 1857.
The Hershey timeline

He and his wife were unable to have children of their own. They started schools from grade school through high school and even award full ride college scholarships to underprivileged children throughout the country. As per the family trust, the company continues to maintain these schools.
They don’t do tours of the real factory any more because there is so much demand. They have this simulated fun tour thats more appealing to the children; after all that’s their target audience!

intercourse, pa.

There’s a large Amish population here, so everywhere you see this. Loosely translated I think that says pick up after your horse!
You quilters would be in heaven here!

We just happened upon this new and reconditioned buggy lot!
This one was decked out with LED lights! It was listed for about $6000.