Chicago, Illinois and area

I didn’t take any pictures of the base for obvious reasons, but here is the view we had of Lake Michigan from our campsite. The campsite was minimal, electric only, but worked fine since we were out exploring every day anyway.
While in the Chicago area we stayed at the FamCamp at Great Lakes Naval Base where I went to Boot Cap some 50 years ago. The base has changed a bit and for some reason the weather was much nicer in August than it was in November through January! We took the train into Chicago from this station in Great Lakes just across the street from the entrance to the base.
We were fortunate to get tickets to see Cirque du Soleil performance Luzia. No cameras were allowed inside, but here’s the outside taken with my phone; it was a fantastic performance!
We also visited my nephew Sean and his wife, Julia, in Lake Forest, just down the road a bit from Great Lakes. We had a wonderful evening of dinner and hot tubbing.
Another day trip was down to Winnetka where Jan’s mom lived as a child. We got pictures of her mom’s house. It looks in great shape, especially since it was built in the early 1900’s.

And her high school which was walking distance from her house was getting a facelift.

We took the Architectural Boat Tour of Chicago. While waiting to board I saw this really imaginative name of a boat!
One of the life boats on our boat tour; capacity 22, seriously?!?

The Willis tower, aka Sears Tower.
While on this tour we went under several of these old bridges. I think the only thing holding them together is the rust!
Some really beautiful and imaginative architecture styles here!

Many new modern buildings of course but mixed in with the older styles too, very cool!

This was condos with the first few floors being open sided parking garages.

I can’t remember a lot of what our guide told us, but this one he said a young kid told him it looked like a very tall spinning figit!
Navy Pier which is now an amusement park with restaurants and shopping.
One of the small yachts we saw along the river.
Views of the Chicago skyline along our tour.

With all the glass buildings there were some pretty cool reflections!
We especially liked this building; it doesn’t look like that narrow base could support such a huge structure!

One of the old cantilever rail bridges no longer being used.
With this huge cement block for counterweight.
Some cool decorative touches to the older buildings!
This one had a map of the rivers; note the red rectangle representing the location of this building along the river!

Interesting downspout, they must have had some extra angled joints to use up!
Another old bridge out of service. This one instead of cantilevering went straight up on the two towers at each end.
And finally, a cool mural!

views from the top of willis tower

We went up to the Skydeck of Willis Tower, 1353 feet up on the 103rd floor, its 110 stories total! The elevator trip takes 60 seconds; 90 when it’s windy! You had the option of walking out on a tilting glass ledge for a better view; we declined!!
Looking up the river and the myriad of train tracks!
Those tiny white dots are boats and yachts!

A roof park!
This building looks like a football from above!
Chicago traffic from a more pleasant view point!

And then there’s this little guy; 1353 feet up on the OUTSIDE of the building!