Three Days in Ashland, Nebraska

We stayed at this fabulous state park. It had two small fishing lakes, a lodge, cabins and about 300 campsites. A great place for families and kids.
Our campsite was huge as were all of them. Lots of space between sites and lots of open space. The only drawback was no sewer hook-up, but it didn’t matter since we were only there 3 days.

Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park & wildlife safari

The entry to the drive through safari kind of reminded us of Jurassic Park! We kept an eye out for velociraptors!
Our first sighting was a herd of Elk lazing under some shade trees.

A couple of Pronghorn Deer.
The white pelicans could care less about humans, they walk right up to you. This area was the only place you were allowed to get out of your vehicle.
Yes, that is a pond. The local residents didn’t seem to mind the green algae on the water!


Two pelicans deciding who was the Alpha!

They had a white wolf too.
and brown bears, who weren’t really interested in getting a good picture!
And Bison, including two white Bison; I never knew there was such a thing, we never saw any in Yellowstone or South Dakota and there were thousands of Bison there!
The two white Bison.

the sac (strategic air command) aerospace museum

A B1B bomber sits out in front. These things are huge when you see them up close!

The SR71 spy plane, also huge considering it only has a crew of two!

From a straight on shot of the nose you can see how aerodynamic it is with a very small frontal profile!

The Towers, an artwork “sculpture” using ordinary neck ties to depict the twin towers. Amazing when viewed from below!

A rocket powered ejection seat; talk about an E ticket ride!!
Interesting to see a cut away of a jet engine1

A beautifully restored B-29, Lucky Lady!

A new exhibit going in all about the Tuskegee Airmen.
They even had a piece of the Berlin Wall, very moving!