Our (almost) Month in Creede, Colorado

cottonwood cove guest ranch & rv park

We stayed at Cottonwood Cove while in Creede. A small park very near Mary and Russell’s cabin.
One of the fun things while staying there was seeing their trail ride horses each evening as they came into the pasture that was right next to the campground.

We had other visitors too. This family of 4 Mountain Sheep came a few times in the beginning.
On our last evening there we saw 14! The original family must have told the others there was new green grass in the pasture to graze on.

fun times at el pescador (mary & russell’s cabin)

Mary and Russell came down for their week at their cabin along with Mary’s brother Jim, his wife Bev and Joni. We surprised Mary with a Hawaiian theme birthday party!
Barb and Zach also came for a few days.

Mary and Jim
Mary’s nephew Ryan and his friend Rion were there as well!
Even Russell’s Elk got in the party mood!
Bryce, Laura and Reeve visited for a few days too. Here they are in the playhouse in front of the cabin.

On their last day there Jim, Russell, Mary and Joni went kayaking.

Apparently Russell thought Jim was doing a fine job paddling and laid back for the ride!

Last day group shot. Left to right is Gabe with Mary, Jan, Bev, Joni, Russell, Brandt and Jim with Jet. Always fun times at the cabin with good friends!
The Three Amigas.

the creede mining museum

If you remember seeing this before in our blog you did. We went there last year but it wasn’t open for the season yet.
There were multiple displays with an accompanying audio tour headset. Very interesting learning the old and newer methods of mining; from hammer, pick and shovel to mechanized methods.
Preparing the explosives for blasting.

They used air powered engines for the later ore trams; much safer than internal combustion or even electric power.
One of the ore cars
The “potty” car!
Their lunch room, very sanitary!
Dynamite used, note the one decomposing? Apparently it’s VERY unstable at that stage!

The job bosses “bicycle”. According to the tour audio it was the most dangerous piece of equipment they used. Direct drive (pedal forward or back) and no brakes!
Warning Signals.
Interesting sign, this is where they melt down the ore to get samples for testing.
Testing lab equipment.
This door was used for the actors when they filmed The Lone Ranger at the Creede mines.
And finally this!

to be continued in our next post……..