Our Humvee Sunset Tour out of Moab

We left at 6:15PM from their shop in Moab for our 3 hour sunset tour. The “trail” started just minutes from there. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was soon to find out on this ride on the trail named “Hell’s Revenge”!
Our tour started going up the ridge of a huge slick rock. The sandstone here is called slick rock but is actually very good for traction even when wet. The trail is easy to follow; just follow the black streak left by many Jeeps and Humvees scaling these rocks!

Our first stop was to look at some fossilized dinosaur prints left in the sandstone.

After this brief stop; onward and upward!

Our guide told us this small puddle left in this stone occurs almost yearly. There is a shrimp that lives in here. In drought years the eggs just lie dormant until spring rains fill it up again and the shrimp will once again inhabit this tiny ecosystem.

Lucky for us our driver wasn’t quite as daring (fool hardy) as this fellow!
He made it though; all passengers intact!
Our driver was kind enough to take any pictures we wanted to prove we were actually there for this adventure.

We stopped at this spot overlooking the Colorado River far below.
As you can see, I didn’t venture too close to the edge!
Some did.

At our final destination to view the sunset. Beautiful colors changing before our eyes as the sun set.

Rain in the distance.


A group shot as the light wains.

Back home we go.
Look out for traffic!