Santee Lakes is just the beginning of our adventure! From here, as soon as I retire on December 23, 2015. We will begin preparations for the next chapter. We’ll be at the Lakes until January 1st and then on to Fiddler’s Cove in Coronado until Jan 15th to set up our 5th wheel for our one year adventure. We will be visiting Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, if it is not too under water. Then as the north warms we will work our way up towards Colorado for an extended stay near our beautiful grandchildren, Aneka and Reeve. How exciting to be able to stay and visit with them for more than a week at a time! We will also be able to spend time with friends in Creed, Colorado Springs, Denver, Louisville and Sterling. Never before had we had this much quality time to enjoy with family and friends outside of California!

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